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The launcher window doesn't fit on my screen and can't be resized, so I can't even launch the game. It probably won't work for me (Unity-made Linux versions don't like non-Ubuntu distros), but you might want to fix it with other OSes in mind.

Hi szabba. The unity launcher window I have no control over as it's completely controlled in the Unity back-end side of things. I will be looking into this though and see if I can find a solution.

I'm pretty sure roughly half the screen height was occupied by an image that other Unity based games don't have. I'm not saying you have to fix it, you owe me nothing, but it sounds like something you should have control over. I guess that's yet another reason for me to avoid Unity.

I see. I'll have a look into it for the next update and see if I can remove the image giving more space for the window, or if there's an alternative from just clicking the buttons. If you could send me a screenshot through my twitter @NullVoid_Dev that would be awesome.

I like this game look but can not start it on Windows 7. It just crashes after Unity splash screen. I would like to try this game.

Hmm, that's not good. Going to upload an update this week which may fix the issue for you.

That would be awesome. Tnx!

Update is available now. Give it a try and let me know how you get on

It work now!

It is very difficult to drive, however. Keep up.

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Everything I saw, beside of the racing itself, looked interesting.

For the racing, I like the graphics and th controls as they are now. Regarding content, I can imagine
a larger track to allow interference with some traffic...made by different kinds of packets, (raising suspicion if we attack or crash into them) ;
a duplication function of the virus we ride ~=~ being able fly offtrack a little (perhaps to attack a particular building/system program).

In a nutshell, I'm looking forward to buy something that's educative in more ways than just informative texts, like it's done is too many games.

Another thing: if you come to finish Terminull, would you consider selling it on Steam? Because letting players build content on the workshop to make custom missions, custom graphics and the like would be pertinent and fun for that kind of game.

Thank you for the work this game represents! Hoping to get to hear more about your game,

Take care

Hi 5ilvara.

For the moment I'm just focusing on smaller tracks to keep the racing quick, allowing for a faster paced game. I will be looking into some form of opponent (simple AI) later in development, but for now it's going to remain as a 'Time Trial' type game until I can find something that will work well for the game.

I have no intention of adding in an Educational aspect purely because that was never what this game was intended to be. If at some point in the future I create a sequel, then this may be something that I will include. But not for this game.

I have considered adding it to Steam, but at the moment it is not near enough to completion to even think about that right now. While steam workshop integration would be awesome and would work really well with my game, I simply don't have the time or resources to learn how to integrate it at that level. I am however looking into the possibility of adding my own custom creator outside of steam entirely, but that isn't at the top of my todo list right now. At the moment I'm just looking at getting rid of bugs and slowly adding more content myself.

I hope to release an update within the next week or 2 with some UI improvements, minor level changes, and bug fixes, so keep an eye out for that!

Roger. Thank for your answer!


Watch it here

I cant wait for more content to fill this game up, its a good base, it just needs more.

Thanks for posting this! Feedback helps a lot. Currently working in some more content so I will be updating that soon :)


Please add the x86 (32-bit) versions for all the systems.

I think it'll resolve squigglez's problem too.

I didn't even think of that! I'll add those to the next update

Thank you!


looks cool!!!!!! :)


It is ;)

Haha thanks!!

downloaded game but when i run the exe it says "cant run on your pc" im on windows 10 and i downloaded the windows version. would really appreciate if this were fixed because the game looks very fun.

Hmm, I've run a successful test on windows 10 before. Have you made sure that the data folder is in the same path as the exe?

yeah? i just extracted it from the .zip and clicked the exe...

Very strange.. I'll look into it and get back to you

ok thanks


I think it's because you have a 32-bit Windows (x86), but the game's builds are only for 64-bit systems (x86_64).

I asked the author to fix that in the comment above.


This was a fun little game, and was really nicely done artistically. I liked the twists with the multipliers actually hindering you for a short period of time.

I'm terrible at racing games, but if you'd like to watch me fall off the course a few times, here's a video:

it not work i press all the key on my keyboard and nothing happen

Hmm that's very strange. What Operating System are you running?

windows 7

Are you running the game in full screen, or windowed mode?

Same problem in Windows 7 64bit, fullscreen, hightest res.

Only the <-- key (the one above Enter) breaks the bug by grabbing the rest of the keyboard and the mouse making them to work in the game.


I want to play as the Ebola virus :D


The Virus I wanted to choose was swine flu, but never mind. Awesome Game, well done. 10/10