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Battle your friends to force them into the sun and watch them burn!

Blazing Sun Death Game invokes the quarter eating competitive arcade games of yore. Two Space Knights fight for survival by avoiding the sun and incapacitating their rival, leaving them to burn. The rounds are quick and the restarts are fast, in this addicting competitive experience. 

A Secret Cow Club Game:

  • Game Design/Code: Patrick Shannon
  • Code: Danny Haddow
  • Original Concept/Art/VO/SFX: Justin Broom
  • Art/Particles: Matthew Jukes
  • Character Design: Sam Coombs
  • Music from Jukedeck - create your own at http://jukedeck.com

REQUIRED - 2 controllers (xbox and arcade controllers tested)

Analog stick - Move
A button (xbox) - Dash attack
B button (xbox) - Dodge/Roll

Install instructions

Make sure to have 2 controllers plugged in as they are required for the 2 player only experience


BSDG_v0.1.zip 142 MB

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